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Our company (DAPHNE Biocides LTD) was founded in 2005 and since then has been active and specialized in the field of biocidal products. The biocidal products available by the company are approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and focus on the fight against harmful pests such as mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, mites, spiders, etc. Our products contribute to the protection of public health and prevent phenomena such as the outbreak of the virus of West Nile, malaria, scabies and others.

Stable collaborations with large companies in the field of biocides that have the necessary know-how and experience offer us, on the one hand to professionals (PCO companies) and on the other to the general consumer public (ordinary consumer), a wide range of specialized products for the correct and safe pest control.

Company details

It is a one-person limited liability company with the name: DAPHNE Agrotrade Mon/pi E.P.E.with registered office at 50 Iakovidou street with PO Box 11143 of the municipality of Athens with VAT NUMBER. 998 987 911 and Registration Numb. 006 468 401 000


The main criterion for the inclusion of products in our company and by extension in the Greek market is that they meet the quality standards and have the approvals provided for by the law.


The company's successful course is based on the two-way good relationship we develop with our partners. This leads to a healthy and long-term cooperation without upheavals and strong fluctuations.

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