Rexit CoiL (FU)


Ready-to-use insecticide preparation in spiral form (FU) to combat mosquitoes and sandflies. Insecticidal coils with a diameter of 110mm and a weight of approximately 6g, packed in pairs to combat mosquitoes, sandflies and gnats. The package contains 10 coils, packaged together with a metal support base for the application of the coils.

  • No. Approval: TP18-0237
  • Active substance: Prallethrin 0,04%

It is an insecticidal product and not just a repellent. It is a flexible product and does not break when separating the coils. It consists of plant fibers that give it a more pleasant aroma when burning and has a burning duration of up to 4 hours. The REXIT COIL can also be used indoors, as long as there is an open window. 

  • Mosquitoes, gnats, phlebotomists

Separate the 2 coils found in the package by pressing the core that joins them with a light movement. Lift up the metal base plate and fasten the coil. Place a metal object under the metal base to collect the ash. Place the coil near an open window and light its tip.

Internal use:
With an open window 1 coil per 20m³ with a burning time of up to 4 hours. The duration of the burning time depends on the air flow.
External use:
1 coil per 20m³.

  • Flexible product that does not break when separated.
  • Made of plant fibers with a better aroma.
  • Quality product that produces 30-60% less carbon monoxide.
  • Use also indoors with an open window. 

Use biocides safely.
Always read the label and product information before use.
Tel. Poison Center: 210 7793777

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