Swirr 2 MG


The SWIRR 2 MG is a granular contact & stomach insecticide preparation for radical control of ants indoors & outdoors.

  • No. Approval: TP18 – 0185
  • Active substance: Acetamiprid 0.2% (MG microgranules)

Microgranular food attractant formulation for the complete extermination of ants. 

  • Ants

Three (3) different ways of application:
1. Spraying: Dissolve in a low pressure sprayer 100gr of the product in 1lt of water. With this spray solution you cover a surface of about 5m². The nozzle must be at least 1mm in diameter.
2. Encroachment: The product is ready-to-use bait and is applied as it is by application at a dose of 20gr/m². Spread a thin layer of the product evenly along skirting boards, in cracks or in ant passages.
3. Wetting: Outdoors only. Dissolve 20gr of the product in 1lt of water and wet a surface of 1m².
Caution: Do not use the product on or near plants intended for human or animal consumption.

By spraying:
100gr of preparation in 1lt of water, for a surface of 5m².
With wetting: 20gr of preparation in 1lt of water, for a surface of 1m².

  • Easy application.
  • Extermination of the entire colony within a week. 

Use biocides safely.
Always read the label and product information before use.
Tel. Poison Center: 210 7793777

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